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The Spiritual Christian Movement

Contemporary society for the first time allows for a true Spiritual Christianity. A true
The Spiritual Christian Movement

Contemporary society for the first time allows for a true Spiritual Christianity. A true
Spiritual Christianity is one that is devoid of any organization. It is a lay Christian movement where Christians gather together without an organization, bureaucracy, assets, doctrine or dogma or any of the trappings of organized religion. Christians who desire bureaucracy and organization have plenty of choices in the diverse denominations of Christianity.

Spiritual Christians meet when and where anyone announces a gathering. Spiritual Christianity is based on the Gospels and ignores the teachings of Paul which are in essence the foundation of the Christian denominations. Spiritual Christians gather together to witness to the miracles of Christianity in their lives, pray, sing songs, and study and discuss the gospels. No energy is expended maintaining a bureaucracy.

Until the introduction of the internet into the world human society, Christianity was spread by establishing a Christian denomination, creating a bureaucracy with rules and regulations, doctrine and dogma.

The reality is that Jesus never had anything good to say about the Jewish religious bureaucracy. He certainly never advocated the forming of a new religion or church. Jesus said he came to the Jews. It was after the Jews began to reject a Christian Judaism that Paul created the first Christian bureaucracies. He did so because it was the only way Christianity could compete with the other religions of the day. And according to Paul it was at the direction of Jesus. Jesus could not have told Peter he was the rock upon which his church would be founded because during his life Jesus was a Jew.

That being said, true Christianity cannot exist under the domination of a religious bureaucracy.

In the book of Hebrews, which is thought to have been written by Paul, Paul says that with the coming of Christ there was no need for anyone to teach any other person because God had written his truth on the hearts of every human being. No need to teach means no need for a bureaucracy. So it may well be that at the end of his life Paul saw that all he had accomplished was to establish another religious bureaucracy with all the inherent evils of the Jewish bureaucracy. So he wrote Hebrews.

With the internet, Christians can gather and stay in touch with each other without being suffocated and manipulated by religious bureaucrats.

The problem with organized religion is that its prime directive is always to first preserve the bureaucracy and second to spread the message. When the preservation of the bureaucracy conflicts with the message of Jesus, the message of Jesus is skewed. A prime example is the accumulation of untold wealth by Catholics at the Vatican as Christians starve all over the world. It seems that Jesus would be true to his core message and would direct that all the assets of all religious bureaucracies be sold and distributed to the poor. This was undeniably his message. And it has undeniably been skewed by all religious bureaucrats and tele-evangelists world wide.

The only way to resurrect and propagate the true message of Jesus is to remove the bureaucracy from it. What is left is the red letter words of Jesus and his teachings.

Spiritual Christians gather, talk, pray, sing, study and help each other in love and then disband until the next gathering. Anyone and everyone can organize a meeting. No assets are accumulated. No officers elected. No organization of any kind is established. Spiritual Christians share a mindset of anti-establishment with regards to their spiritual movement.

This is a radical concept in the world human society and can only exist because Christians all over the world can connect and gather via the internet without an organization.

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